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Carl E. Milliken
Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
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Church and Drama Association
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This document illustrates the ambitions that the MPPDA cherishes for the Church and Drama Association CDA before their relationship collapses.


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I am outlining briefly the possibilities of the Church and Drama Association from the point of view of exploitation of our pictures with the special group that organization will reach.Hereto attached is copy of their letterhead which indicates the line-up, including Catholics, Hebrews and Protestants, also some persons of considerable consequence in civic life.Their specific object is to commend each week the very finest pictures. ... It will be noted that the pictures so far commended happen to be distributed among eight of our member companies. ... The list of pictures commended in this weekly Bulletin is being rather widely quoted, and of special significance is the fact that the Bulletin is furnished each week to a concern that makes a business of supplying material for church calendars throughout the country. It is estimated that there are now nearly 100,000 churches printing church calendars every week and these are read by not less than 15 million people. ... It is evident that advertising of this kind for the finest pictures is literally beyond price.There are some embarrassments about heavy contributions from the motion picture industry as such to the Church and Drama Association. Evidently, it would not do to have the Church and Drama Association regarded as in any sense a creature of the industry. I hope you will feel it proper to suggest to the Directors at the meeting Thursday that they could properly take memberships in the Church and Drama Association, preferably in individual names. There are various grades of sustaining membership, one at $100, one at $500, and one at $1000.We are sitting very close to this matter. Trotti is preparing most of the material for each of the weekly issues of their Bulletin, and we feel confident of being able to guide it in constructive channels so far as its activities relate to motion pictures.... a high powered campaign is under way looking toward securing 50,000 associate members at one dollar a year each in the Manhattan area. This campaign is being organized for the Church and Drama Association by Ward, Wells, Dreshman & Gates, an has a fair prospect of success.

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