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MPPDA - Civic Committee

Outcome of a meeting at Waldorf-Astoria on 22-06-1922 between Hays and community and industry representatives to "discuss methods of fostering the production, distribution, exhibition, and appreciation of better motion pictures." Resolutions outline plan of organization.


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CIVIC COMMITTEE. 1922. RESOLUTION TAKEN AT WALDORF-ASTORIA MEETING, 06-22-1922. WHEREAS, more than one hundred representatives of national civic, religious, educational and welfare organizations of the United States met in New York City on June twenty-second at the invitation of Mr. Will H. Hays, President of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America, Inc., representing the motion picture industry, together with representatives of exhibitors' actors' and authors' organizations, to discuss methods of fostering the production, distribution, exhibition, and appreciation of better motion pictures and WHEREAS these representatives, whose organizations include in their affiliated memberships a substantial portion of the American public, elected a Committee of Three with instructions to form a committee of fifteen to twenty-five persons, and to effect a permanent organization to assist in realizing the objects set forth in the Articles of Association of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors, namely: "Establishing and maintaining the highest possible moral and artistic standards in motion picture production"' and "Developing the educational as well as the entertainment value and general usefulness of motion pictures", NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that a plan of organization be set up as follows for accomplishing the purposes mentioned above: 1. A General Committee, representative of national organizations similar to those participating in the meeting of June twenty-second, and forming a nation-wide consulting body. 2. The Undersigned Committee of Twenty, chosen from the General Committee by the committee of three elected on June twenty-second -- also nationally representative, but so constituted geographically as to permit frequent meetings. 3. A Committee of Five, including members of the committee of three elected on June twenty-second, and acting between meetings of the larger committees. 4. An Executive officer, selected by the Committee of twenty, responsible to the various cooperating organizations, and charged with acting on their behalf to assist in attaining the ends herein set forth. BE IT RESOLVED ALSO that the autonomy of each participating organization be preserved; and that none of them be committed to any program against its own wishes. AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the purpose of the work of the several agencies here named shall include:the establishment of a channel of inter-communication between the motion picture industry and the agencies instrumental in forming, representing, and interpreting public opinion; the employment in a constantly larger degree of motion pictures as a force of citizenship and a factor of social benefit;the development of wholesome cooperation between the public and the motion picture industry;and, in general, the furtherance of constructive methods for the definite application of a sympathetic interest in attaining and maintaining high standards of art, of entertainment, of education and of morals in motion pictures.

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