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We Americans
EDITORIAL COMMENT: Raising goodwill and community interest in We Americans, which deals with ""the problem of un-Americanized parents and the hot-house growth Americanism of their children."" This is, in one sense, a socially committed kind of production, for which Warner Bros., for instance, would doubtless get some kind of credit in the 30s. To an extent, such productions were fostered by the MPPDA as part of the Better Films campaign - though they were, of course, required to have a socially conservative viewpoint. But We Americans is probably not very far removed from Golden Boy, for instance.

Universal is trying to get the Department of Labor and Immigration and various Americanization organizations involved, in a consultative capacity, with the making of their film We Americans (along the lines of the consultation used in King of Kings and Scarlet Letter). The MPPDA is giving this project all its support.


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A plot synopsis of the film begins, "The Levines have been in America for thirty years. They came from Russia. But although they are in the most populous portion of the City of New York, they are no more a part of it that they were thirty years before..."

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