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EDITORIAL COMMENT: Jerome Beatty, in his memo for Hays, notes at the end, ""Since the eliminations ordered by New York have not been made I think it might be well for me to call Tiffany and call their attention to this fact."" - this has implications for the effectiveness of censorship practice - it suggests that at least on occasion the demands of the censor boards were ignored - is this likely?

Expressing his approval and admiration of the recently-advertised Don'ts and Be-Carefuls, then objecting to a picture that violates them. It transpires that the picture was produced by a non-MPPDA member (Tiffany). Hays: Don'ts are becoming more effective all the time - "our representative on the Coast" has been approached in 164 cases "to discuss the handling of situations to make certain the avoidance of offensive matter. Hays also lists the specific cuts made in the picture by various state censorship boards.


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Complaints over a Tiffany production - Woman's Wares - Hays replies by saying it's not made by an MPPDA company, and lists the censorship record for it, which didn't deal with the material objected to. In the letter the editor's concern is clearly with the possible effect of such a film upon "even a twelve year old girl ... Some day I may take a sock at some of these pagaznized directors who do not or will not realize that thousands upon thousands of American boys and girls, whose CHARACTERS ARE IN THE FORMATIVE YEARS, carry away with them each day from moving picture houses fixed photographs of scenes and incidents it were better they do not encounter until they have attained years of discretion."

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