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EDITORIAL COMMENT: By Pettijohn? This is all proposed, apparently, in late October. What's its relation to the King of Kings business - which is currently causing problems on what was obviously intended as the ideal Better Film? One lesson from King of Kings might have been that it was very difficult to deal with the various already existing groups, and that a better answer might be to have a major lobby whose sole function was movie promotion, rather than subcommittees of existing organizations. Another response, of course, from producers was likely to be that the King of Kings problem simply indicated that none of this stuff was a good idea because you couldn't satisfy those people whatever you did, so the minimum activity would be to try not to offend them, but not to cater to them.

'Pro Propaganda and Organization Data." proposes the formation of a body of influential and concerned citizens, as a committee dedicated to supporting better films -- to channel potential pro-censorship energies into constructive pro-movie activities: "The BIG IDEA should originate and emanate from some source other than from "here': -- It might be appropriate at the "outset" for the thoughts to be born in Washington and for the "thing" to be sponsored by such men as Hoover, Root, et al."


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Stuff about "pros" and plans to set up the Movie Mentors -- including a constitution. Obviously, this was a further major development out of the Committee on Public Relations (CPR) -- but for an organization "entirely (apparently) dissociated from the MPPDA. -- Suggestions are that it should be led by "a man in whom all of America has entire confidence" -- suggests the idea appear to emanate from Washington, sponsored by Hoover, Root, et al, and be picked up and organized from Chicago. I think that this is a Pettijohn idea -- other documents to that effect somewhere? -- several suggestions that the operation be effectively covertly managed by the MPPDA without at least the rank and file membership -- which is proposed to be substantial -- knowing it -- e.g. over its magazine, etc. The Mentors are seen as a kind of "Movie Militia" -- to be invoked for lobbying purposes over legislation and as a means of supporting "Better films."