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Carl E. Milliken
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Federal Trade Practices Conference

"Suggested agenda to the Motion Picture Trade Conference which have public relations Interest." A revealing document suggesting how the conference might be exploited for its public relations potential. Note in particular the constant emphasis on involving "noted churchmen, authorities on ethics and morals ... a distinguished newspaper editor and publisher, et cetera."


Block booking (30), Foreign films in the US (14), Motion pictures and moral standards (13), Non-theatrical motion pictures (25), Public relations (61), The Formula (15) Show all keywords…


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Milliken circular letter to CPR etc. about FTC conference October 10, 1927. Attached is an internal document suggesting ways in which the Public Relations faction can be most useful to putting over the industry position on block booking, etc. -- but clearly implying that the MPPDA was arranging the agenda. Other items: under distribution of foreign pictures in the US, "Is the industry justified in arriving at mutual agreements concerning the advisability of distributing such pictures as "Potemkin" -- with or without the official cooperation of government departments -- pictures like False Shame, etc?" -- and"The Magna Charta: Assuming the protest of an independent exhibitor that national distributors would not handle a picture because it failed to comply with the moral practices agreed upon, representatives of the church like Dr. Cadman, women's clubs, possibly WCTU, etc., to commend the Magna Charta. [the Formula]

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