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MPPDA - Department of Public and Industry Relations

Dinner-Meeting of Studio Relations Committee. Concerned with the studios foreign markets. New quota restrictions are noted, as is the increase of business to Australia and the Far East. Letter from Chinese exhibitor asserts that ANY representations of Chinese in Hollywood movies is cause for objection by the audience -- a state of affairs apparently in direct contrast to the assumptions of the studios. Films banned by various foreign markets are listed, with the advice that foreign censorship legislation is available for consultation.


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Resume of Studio Relations Committee meetings -- instituted as a monthly event, from October 1927, in the wake of its establishment and the passing of the Don'ts and Be Carefuls, presumably as affecting the 1927-28 production season. Each meeting contains some discussion -- often with a guest, of some aspect of the foreign situation -- and a list of eliminations, together with some general observations on the domestic censorship situation.12-14-1927: more discussion of China and the impossibility of representing the Chinese in a way acceptable to them -- but also evidence of how miscalculated productions were -- when Brazil banned The Girl From Rio because it represented Brazilians as Spanish-speaking.

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