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Report of committee
Lee F Hanmer, Russell Sage Foundation
Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
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MPPDA - Public Relations Committee
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Final Report of the Organization Committee of the Committee on Public Relations. proposes the establishment of a Department of Public Relations.


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MPPDA - Public Relations COMMITTEE. 1925. Policy of the Department of public Relations. The policy of the Department of Public Relations is typified by the names which it has acquired, the "Open Door", "Intercommunication", and "The Public be pleased." Freely, constantly, courteously, it should guide and facilitate the two-way traffic in communications and suggestions between the public and the industry affording the public an opportunity to register with the industry its real and imagined complaints, its suggestions and criticisms, its desires and its cooperation; and giving the industry a means of disseminating the facts about itself and its product, all to the end that there may be complete understanding and sympathetic cooperation making for steady improvement in the motion pictures and their increased public support. The Department should specialize in contacts and avenues of communication from the public to the industry. It should collect constantly and systematically statistics, data, facts, changes, new policies and events which might properly be used in informing the public and giving true ideas of the industry to it. The Department should be equipped to analyze and interpret the public to the industry and the industry to the public having in mind the psychological, as well as the statistical, value of such an interpretation.

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