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Memo summarises newspaper article of views of M.C. Levee on the effect the Formula will have on fiction.


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The ban placed on objectionable stories by Will H Hays on behalf of the association of motion picture producers and distributors will react upon the entire field of fiction, is the opinion of M. C. Levee, prominent producer and president of the United Studios in Hollywood." Authors frequently realise more revenue from the sale of the motion picture rights to their stories then they do from any other source," said Mr. Levee. "Unless their stories are without objectionable features, they will not be available for motion picture production. The author of questionable stories will be depriving himself of additional revenue that he should not overlook."As a result of Mr Hays' ultimatum I predict a great change in the type of books and plays that have been so popular during the past year. The ban on salacious material in pictures is bound to react for the better, upon the field of fiction," concluded Mr Levee.

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