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"Questions in House of Commons Regarding Motion Pictures in Canada."


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Questions in House of Commons Regarding Motion Pictures in Canada , 03-17-1927 [Jack D. Rickerson, Canadian Consul, reports that the MP John A. Fraser wants to know the following:] 1. How many motion picture films were imported into Canada during each of the years 1922 to 1926, inclusive, and from what countries? 2. What is the rate of duty on the said films? 3. Does the Department of Customs exercise any supervision or censorship over the said films so as to prevent the entry to Canada of motion pictures (a) of an obscene character; (b) calculated to prejudice the public mind against Canadian and British sentiment;(c) of an aggressive pro-foreign type including propaganda antagonistic to Canadian interests;(d) falsely interpreting Canadian life? 4. How many motion picture films were produced in Canada during the same period and how often were the exhibited? 5. Has the government considered the advisability of having a careful detailed survey made of the motion picture filmsexhibited in Canada? [Replies, prepared by Fernand Rinfret, are appended. Specifically, "Motion picture films of an immoral or indecent or treasonable or seditious character are prohibited importations by Item 1201, schedule of the customs tariff. Censorship is controlled by the provinces."] [The Consul thinks that Mr Fraser has quotas in mind. Any such resolution proposed by Mr Fraser to the present parliament has no chance of success, but "in view of the fact that there is now pending in the British Parliament a bill to establish a quota for films, and moreover, in view of the fact that there has been agitation in other countries against American films, it is thought that these questions and the answers may be of interest to the American motion picture industry."]

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