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Leo Brecher
Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
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Block Booking

Exchange of letters. Brecher points out to Hays that regardless of any agreement reached at the Trade Practice Conference, block-booking still forces exhibitors to show objectionable pictures purchased as part of a block. Several pieces of correspondence pass between them on the matter; Hays can raise no convincing defence against Brecher's criticisms.


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points out the paucity of the distributors' concessions to exhibitors with an example. In Hays' reply to Leo Brecher he talks about pictures which may be "really objectionable to race or creed locally" -- e.g. featuring black performers in the South? Hays appears to be identifying the Trade Practices Conference as another occasion in which "the good of the whole" was worked for -- the same kind of terminology used about the Academy conferences -- which might lead us to point out that the agreement among the majors over sound should perhaps be seen in the context of this general spate of agreements over trade practices and conventions within the industry -- at least as seen from the MPPDA angle, that is. Which puts all that stuff of Walker et al about fighting tooth and claw over mergers, etc., in a shifted context. Brecher in reply suggests that some distributors will construct blocks of pictures with a sufficient number of worthless pictures in it to take care of the deletions. "Block booking is objectionable because it obliges the exhibitor against whom it is practised to exhibit films which he does not regard as suitable for his audience, or pay for a large number of films that he cannot use." -- 11-10-1927

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