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Gabriel Hess
Austin C. Keough, Famous Players-Lasky
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Allied States

Sending a copy of the speech given by Abram F. Myers at the convention of Allied Theatres of New Jersey suggesting a similar piece of legislation to the Guffey Act for the motion picture industry. Includes the copy of the speech.


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There is a proposal from Myers, from the Allied States convention 22 September 1937, proposing "a regulatory act, fashioned somewhat along the lines of the Bituminous Coal Act of 1937 (Guffey-Vinson Act)." This set up a regulatory board of 7 members, -- 2 ex-mine workers, 2 ex-owners, but none with current interests in coal production or any other occupation -- i.e. he is proposing movie commissioners, some possibly ex-exhibitors and ex-producers, to enforce "a code which is, in effect, a legislative requirement that certain fair trade practices shall be observed." -- and this is enforced by a punitive tax on all production if it is not complied with. "The criticisms issuing from certain quarters regarding some of Allied's milder legislative proposals, such as the Neely-Pettengill bill, the anti-playdate bill, and the divorcement bill, are 1. that they are not broad enough to accomplish any substantial reform; 2. that they can be readily evaded; 3. that they do not have 'teeth.' To these critics I tender a plan which, whatever other faults it may possess, cannot be challenged on the score of ineffectiveness. ... If the exhibitors of the United States want this form of regulation and will work for it, they can secure it. If they want some less drastic measure, they can have that. But they must make up their minds. A division of opinion after a measure has been introduced, however one-sided, will imperil their chances."

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