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Carl E. Milliken
Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
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Meetings - Public Relations
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Apparently a summary of Hays Office activities under the purview of Milliken, incorporating Joy memo (02-2026 - 02-2032). Note that the Baptists are pushing for a Baptist Historical Film.


Advertising (20), Audience research (13), Block booking (30), Childrens matinees (21), Distribution (25), Exhibition (47), Fire hazard (9), Motion pictures and religion (21), Newsreels (11), Publicity - Greater Movie Season (6), Religious films (4), Short films (5), University courses in motion pictures (9) Show all keywords…



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Memo to Hays on work in progress - a useful summary of what they were doing. Highlights: I.3. Greater Movie Season - no co-operation from Fox, Universal or Loew .I.8. Saturday Morning Movies "Facing two problems, how to overcome the feeling of the children that the picture are all old pictures and how to get sufficient sustained community interest in the project." II.9 Legislative trip planned by New "to forecast if possible the probably legislative situation next winter." II.9. "'Pros'", Organization of - Still in a somewhat nebulous form with plans not fully set. In this connection there have been interesting conferences by Colonel Joy with Eastman representatives who wish to develop and finance clubs of amateur movie makers." They're still obviously thrashing around with this idea, which crops up in a variety of place - Pettijohn's 1927 or 28 plan for an Indorsers organization - as well as the CDA. They can obviously see the usefulness of it, and the need for a suitable distance between them and it, but who to attach it to? seems to be the problem. II.12. "Sample picture of current attractions - Miss Tazalaar is arranging a suggested program of seven or eight reels made up perhaps of one first class comedy, one scenic, one educational and several reels of excerpts from the finest current attractions. This is to be used possibly in connection with some of the old fashioned picture studd[?] included in Joe O'Neill's three reels for the purpose of showing significant conventions like the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America (FCCCA), etc. what is actually being offered in theatre programs." III.1 Block Booking - "this is of course a sore point with some of our public relations groups and Mr. Pettijohn has a very carefully drawn statement for us to use in explanation of the trade custom. Mr. Beatty makes in substance the following suggestion: Give the little fellow the same rights the big theatre gets. Let him reject stupid stuff. It is possible for the distributor to use intelligent leniency in enforcing contracts. Let the little fellow duck a bad one now and then." III.2. Centralized physical distribution - the pros, which seem considerable, including very frank stuff on the fire hazards of current storage of film in office areas - a fire in NY "might any time result in loss of life which would dwarf the recent New Jersey disaster." III.5.(b) Editors, weekly newspapers. over 20,000 constructive editorials written by editors of 2,000 dailies in the last 3 or 4 years. "Similar service" be extended to weekly newspapers whose circulation is largely rural. III.10. "Legislative news reel correspondents - this applies partly in the protective program and partly in the program of the proposed state pictures. It is Mr. New's suggestion that we seek to have a few of the state legislatures covered as an experiment by the news reel correspondents who will feature the incidents of the session, important speeches, the governor's inaugural message, etc., by the same methods employed by newspaper correspondents. ... His feeling is that by this means the members of legislatures will come to realize the publicity importance of the screen as they now realize the importance of the newspaper." III.19.(a) "In the interest of more intelligent advertising it has been suggested that exhibitors be encouraged in some way to get census figures of their attendance as to division between men and women, between adults and children, etc." III.20.(b) "Courses at one or more universities, perhaps Columbia in the East and USC in the west, should be started to train college students in various branches of motion picture work. Among other advantages this would attract high class people for the future personnel of the industry. Mr. Beatty points out that it was said when schools of journalism were begun they would not be practical but the contrary has proved to be the case. They have proved very practical in recruiting high grade material for Journalism."

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