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MPPDA - Civic Committee

Restatement of Declaration of Purpose; clarification of the role of the Executive Secretary; appointment of 11 new sub-committees. Declaration of Purpose text. Executive Secretary functions described, including arranging previewing, sub-committees on business, motion pictures dealing with industry, motion pictures using book titles, historical and patriotic information, local better films committees, religious pictures, pedagogic pictures, music in motion picture theatres, community needs and local programme making, classification and listing of motion pictures by national organisations, children's matinees.


Childrens matinees (21), Historical motion pictures (5), Music and motion pictures (8), Pedagogic films (7), Religious films (4), Titles (10) Show all keywords…



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CIVIC COMMITTEE. 1923. At the Luncheon Meeting of the Executive Committee of Public relations, March 10, 1923, the following sub-committees were instituted: 1. Business Committee 2. Committee on Motion Pictures Dealing with Industry 3. Committee on Motion Pictures Using Book Titles 4. Committee on Historical and Patriotic Information 5. Committee on Local Better Films Committees 6. Committee on Religious Pictures 7. Committee on Pedagogic Pictures 8. Committee on Music in Motion Picture Theatres 9. Committee on Community needs and Local Program Making 10. Committee on the Classification and Listing of Motion Pictures by National Organizations 11. Committee on Children's Matinees A paragraph explaining the intended function of each of these committees occurs in the minutes of the meeting. ... Declaration of Purpose "a. The establishment of a channel of intercommunication between the agencies instrumental in forming and interpreting public opinion and the motion picture industry; b. The increased use of motion pictures of a force for citizenship and a factor in social benefit; c. The development of more intelligent cooperation between the motion picture and the motion picture industry; d. The aiding of the cooperation movement between the Nationla Education Association and the motion picture producers to direct the making of pedagogic films and their effective employment in the schools; e. The encouragement of the effort to advance the usefulness of motion pictures as an instrument of international amity, by correctly portraying American life, ideals and opportunities in pictures sent abroad and the proper portrayal of foreign scenes and persons in all producers; f. The furtherance, in general, of all constructive methods of bringing about a sympathetic interest in attaining and maintaining high standards of art, entertainment, education and morals in motion pictures.

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