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Letter and report
Dr George Reid Andrews, Executive Director, Church and Drama Association
Carl E. Milliken
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Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America (FCCCA)
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The Federal Council of Churches Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America (FCCCA) has appointed a Sub-Committee on Program Ways and Means. They are trying to formulate a Better Drama Committee which is independent of the Federal Council but closely associated with it (to become the Church and Drama Association CDA). Milliken is supposed to be a member of the sub-committee but failed to attend their meeting (or apologize) so Andrews outlines their progress so far. An official statement about their activities is also included.


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Papers on the establishment of the Church and Drama Association -- which, significantly, suggest that it was an ecumenical organization at its outset -- separate press releases were prepared fro the Protestant and Catholic presses -- "all denominations -- Protestants, Catholics and Hebrews -- are joined with the stage and the motion picture in the newly formed association." The Catholic release mentions the NCWC but not the International Federation of Catholic Alumni (IFCA). Quotes from a Hays speech, March 3, 1926, which seems to be the day of inauguration, under the auspices of the FCCCA: the people "care for their bread and their games -- for Life and relaxation from Life. ... Do not forget that just as you serve the leisure hours of the masses, so do you rivet the girders of society. ... There never has been a time when the organized church could influence any organized business as right now it can help guide motion pictures -- and motion pictures are the answer to everything that man yearns for in his demand for relaxation."Also a document from Andrews on the purposes of the CDA. This is important, since the scope of the CDA seems drawn very wide -- working on education with the civic groups, but also bearing on amateur drama, etc. We shall want to use this when talking about the CDA, which seems here to be suggesting that it's an even larger venture than I've thought, partly because of its interdenominational aspects, and also because its purposes are much broader than simply reviewing -- which so far has not been mentioned. The plan was then to set up local branches of it throughout the U.S. -- in other words, this might be seen as being the alternative to Smith's plan to have individual membership of the MPPDA, the purpose being to build an organization external to the MPPDA that would be sufficiently large to counter any but the largest of public threats to the industry by diffusing it, by having local civic leaders already on side through an organization whose purposes were made to appear as not solely having to do with the MPPDA or movies. That may very well be the inspiration for its organization. This is another anthologizable document.

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