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The motion picture is now being used to teach Americanization to immigrant passengers in the steerage of trans-Atlantic vessels. A second, similar press release is included later in the file: it takes account of a celebratory Waldorf luncheon attended by Secretary of Labor, James J. Davis; Benjamin Day, Commissioner of Immigration; and representatives of 100 organizations interested in educating the foreign-born.


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Inaugurating the Americanization program on the "Leviathan", with a screening of Abraham Lincoln, Hays' speech: "The films will say to those future citizens, 'Here is America. See what America, your new home, is like. Look at me and love America."there are three great purposes of motion pictures," he continued. "One is to entertain, another to instruct, and a third is to bring about better understanding between men and men and between nations and nations."In no other group that I can think of can the motion picture combine these three qualities for more definite service than in a group of immigrants. The sorrow of parting is still upon them. They need amusement. The motion picture can give them entertainment. They need to have their faith renewed. They are coming to a strange land to live among strange people. Their language in most cases is different. Their customs are different. Their clothes are different. The motion picture will teach them."The purpose of the whole service is to help immigrants become happy and useful inhabitants of our country. We hope to stimulate them to understand, appreciate, and love America. We want to equalize the opportunity for all citizens." - MPPDA press release.

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