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MPPDA - Civic Committee

Putting the Arbuckle case to rest; promotion of the motion picture as an aid to school instruction; international cooperation through movies; future role of the Committee; promotion of better music in films; adapting films from books. Hays reports agreement with Mexico; Previewing; Neighbourhood theatres showing poor films to poor people; filming children's books


Adaptations from books (14), Children (43), Foreign market (45), Mexico (3), Motion pictures and international relations (10), Motion pictures in education (21), Music and motion pictures (8) Show all keywords…



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CIVIC COMMITTEE. 1923. MINUTES OF THE FEBRUARY 8th, 1923, MEETING OF THE Executive COMMITTEE OF THE COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC RELATIONS [EXTRACTS]... Mr. Hays reported that definite progress was being made in the direction of the use of films in foreign counties in producing a friendly feeling between those countries and ours. He reported specifically the results of a trip made recently by Mr. Woodle, of his office, to Mexico where he signed an agreement with the Government of Mexico to allow films to be exhibited by members of his Association in Mexico under certain guarantee that these pictures would not be offensive to the Mexican people. Mr. Hays also reported the forming of a company to release American films in China. This company will make certain that only such film as ought to be shown may be taken to that country...........Mr Hamner called attention to the fact that the General Committee at its January fourth meeting had instructed the Executive Committee to formulate an exact program. Pursuant to these instructions, Mr. Hamner wrote each member of the larger committee asking for opinions and suggestions with respect to this. He received many enthusiastic replies but few definite suggestions. The Executive Committee discussed this question at considerable length and came to the conclusion that it would be unwise to prescribe an exact function but rather it ought to continue to meet at irregular intervals to discuss matters of importance and that it should act as a point of contact between the various affiliated organizations and the industry...........Music in its relation to motion pictures was declared to be a proper subject for discussion by the Committee. The Executive Secretary was instructed to inform himself concerning the methods used by the producers in issuing musical scores or suggestions concerning music when pictures are released. This information would be available for a future discussion of the subject. In the meantime, certain organizations, notably the General Federation of Women's Clubs are attempting to interest local committees to the end that there may be a cooperative effort between local exhibitors and people who appreciate suitable and appropriate music in connection with the showing of films...........It was agreed that many books could not be filmed exactly as they had been written, but it was urged that the industry take serious thought with regard to the situation and that children's stories, particularly, be not changed in spirit or in text.

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