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Col. Jason S. Joy
Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
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MPPDA - Department of Public Relations
EDITORIAL COMMENT: NB the concern expressed about the stability of the situation, by comparison to the grandiose plans produced later on. This is one of the problems with all this stuff - how much they were pushing out balloons and how solid they felt the ground they were on was. But, NB the scale of the proposed operation. Additional text in Transcription.

Joy lays out the various functions and responsibilities of the new Public Relations Department, as he sees them. Included are various other documents relating to the establishment of the Department.


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Memo by Joy to Hays on the function of the Public Relations Department. This is a very important and useful item - possibly for anthologizing. These notes are not full - we need to look carefully at this over time. "Just a word about the organization - I know that we are poor and that there are many different demands for every nickel - but we are in a really dangerous position, lest the public slam the "Door" in our face before we get it propped open." - in covering letter. "There are 758 national, industrial, fraternal, educational and religious organizations in the country with a total membership of 67,960,136. A persistent effort should be made to secure the appointment of representatives from each of these organizations with whom the Association may maintain a constant contact. Such a course will help break down organized opposition and will lend to encourage wide-spread cooperation. To be really effective we must reach down through each of the organizations to their state, and if possible, their local bodies. This will take time, but when accomplished will give us almost unlimited strength. Each of these representatives should be cultivated individually - each one should receive a personal letter from Mr. Hays at least quarterly or more often if important matters are in discussion. They also should receive rather constantly constructive word of the industry." - and have an annual meeting - see earlier note. Again, there's something very interesting about the proposed scale of this activity, being not only to operate as an enormous safeguard for the industry in preventing any effectively mobilized opposition by seizing all the appropriate bodies, but also, presumably, as part of the project Hays and Joy clearly did, at some level, believe in, of making the industry culturally more central and influential."8. Preview Meetings. It is clear in my mind that the regular Tuesday Preview Meetings are not essential to our well-being. It is my recommendation that they be discontinued ... In their place, however, the Department ought to carry on two definite functions. It should make it possible for any organization which carries on a serious reviewing service in their house organ to see pictures in much the same manner as newspaper and trade critics review pictures. The establishment of such reviews in house organs of various national organizations should be actively encouraged and assisted. The Department should also advise the various organizations ... of films ... which have to do directly or even indirectly with the subject in which the organization is interested." "19. Individual Members of the Association, as suggested by Mr. Courtland Smith, has impressed me as being valuable. If half a million or more persons joined and paid $2.00 a year dues, it would not only make it possible for us financially to do all the work of this sort that is needed but it would form so strong a group that nothing short of a movement which enlisted the sympathy of the whole nation could actually disturb us. There also appear some very grave difficulties which must be carefully considered before a decision is reached as to the practicability of this plan."

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