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George P. Arens, MPTO (Pennsylvania)
Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
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MPTO - Pennsylvania

Reporting convention resolution urging the MPPDA to set up a script censoring operation in Hollywood. Milliken replies 1 July 1929, explaining the operation of the Studio Relations Committee, "which is designed to do exactly what you suggest in the resolution quoted in your letter; namely, to make available to producers, while the picture is being made in the studio, advice accumulated out of the experience of the entire industry, which will guide them effectively toward the avoidance of offence and the smooth presentation of the story without censorship mistakes. ... the SRC has been in full operation a little more than a year and there is, as you will understand, a certain amount of inertia to overcome. Gradually, however, the producing managers and directors are coming to see the value of this service, and it is gratifying to note that in the case of those pictures which have the benefit of Colonel Joy's advice, no serious criticism has resulted either from censor boards or from the public."


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Resolution text:"That the MPPDA use its best efforts to have a Board created for the purpose of censoring the scripts in Hollywood, prior to the production of the picture, in order to eliminate the necessity for censoring dialogue in pictures after the censors of the various States had viewed the pictures. Thus avoiding the very objectionable condition created in theatres where censored pictures are now show with deleted dialogue causing silent spots in sound pictures.""It was felt by the members present that if this method of censoring scripts be continued for a period of two years, censorship would soon be abolished, as there would be no further use for censorship."

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