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The MPTOA Standard Contract, and their Code of Ethics. Cohen's letter describes progress in negotiations with MPPDA over the Standard Contract.


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MPTOA. 1924. MPTOA CODE OF ETHICS [1924] First: To build ever upon the firm foundation of honor and integrity, even when a different course might offer greater monetary profit. Second: To recognize my duty as a moulder of public opinion and an educator of youthful minds, by refusing to show upon my screen any picture that might have an unpatriotic, unwholesome or immoral effect upon the life or mind of any auditor. Third: To give full co-operation with city, state and national governments, and to all movements that will tend to raise the standards of morality and society and the ideals of the human race. Fourth: To so conduct my business as to reflect honor upon my industry to the end that the motion picture theatre may take its rightful place as a real and valued asset to the community in which I reside. Fifth: To honestly advertise all attractions with no effort to overpraise or misrepresent them for the sake of monetary gain. Sixth: To deal fairly and honorably with my fellow man, whether he be one whom I am serving or one serving me. Seventh: To use the full power of my screen to further the cause of education, helpful science and all religions, in order that the world may be a better place in which to live because of my work. Eighth: To be loyal to my patrons, honorable with my competitor and just to my employees. Ninth: To seek only such profit as is just and not attained at the sacrifice of truth, honor or manhood. Tenth: To deliver to all with whom I deal the highest quality of service, resolving all doubts against myself, and remembering at all times that any dishonest or dishonorable act of mine will reflect upon everyone engaged in the great industry of which I am but a small part.

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