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MPPDA - Resolutions

The MPPDA disapproves and condemns the practice of portraying Mexicans in a derogatory and objectionable manner, and resolves hereafter to establish cordial relations, "commercial and otherwise," with Mexico.


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MPPDA - RESOLUTIONS. 1924. MPPDA Resolution Concerning Portrayal of Mexicans, 07-25-1922: RESOLVED that as it has been suggested that the occasional and thoughtless practice of representing Mexican characters in American motion picture productions as dictators, bandits and in other offensive manner, has been of such a character as possibly to interfere with the establishing and strengthening of cordial relations, commercial and otherwise, between the citizens of the United States and Mexico, and, WHEREAS it is the wish and purpose of this Association that friendly relations be maintained between this country and all others and that nothing may be done by the motion picture industry to interfere in any way with such friendly relations. Now, therefore, let it be RESOLVED that such occasional and thoughtless practice of so representing such Mexican characters is hereby by this Association disapproved and condemned, and be it further RESOLVED that this Association shall do everything possible to prevent the production of any new motion picture films which present the Mexican character in a derogatory or objectionable manner.

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