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MPPDA - Public Relations Committee

Joy has not replied to letters about Arbuckle. FPL has reiterated its position that it is not going to release any Arbuckle pictures, and that Arbuckle has signed a contract with Reel Pictures to direct comedies. Attaches statement from CPR on Arbuckle situation.


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"The Committee ... does not believe that there should be an action taken which would result in bringing Roscoe Arbuckle again before the public as a motion picture actor. In the judgement of the the Committee it would be extremely detrimental to the youth of America for Arbuckle's pictures to be released for circulation, since it is highly desirable that reminders which would naturally come with his reappearance on the screen should not be thus placed before the public. ... The Committee, therefore, recommends to Mr. Hays that he advise the motion picture industry to refrain from exhibiting pictures in which Mr. Arbuckle appears, and that any consideration shown him, as a individual, should be along lines not involving his appearance before the public as a motion picture actor.