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Report of meeting
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Progressive Motion Picture Producers and Distributors Association
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Report of a meeting to discuss establishing the Progressive Motion Picture Producers and Distributors Association for independent producers in the East. Small attendance at meeting. Letter of support from Master Film Corporation, connection to the Brazil Information Service.


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Among the many things discussed last night by Keppler was the question of the National Industry's Recovery Act Bill" 41712 recently issued by the Senate. The practice code was the keynote of this discussion and Keppler stated unless the Progressive independents were alert and helped to formulate a new law for the motion picture industry that the Hays organization who are now undoubtedly well prepared along these lines will, perhaps, make and submit the laws that will be accepted. Keppler and the others saw a great danger in this bill and decided to get busy at once to help formulate a fair law that would omit unfair practices in the industry.... One of the things brought out forcefully last night was the fact that the major producers and distributors were still holding on to the de luxe type of theatres as a definite assurance that their product will receive an outlet. Keppler did not see how the motion picture industry could survive if this practice continued and recommended that the new organization be organized along the lines of independent and radical ideas with no connection whatsoever in the exhibition field.

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