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Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
J. Homer Platten, Treasurer, MPPDA
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MPPDA - Members

Summary of business discussed at MPPDA Members' Meeting of 06-16-1924 for use at the Directors Meeting of 06-19-1924. Business conducted constitutes a neat summary of the MPPDAs core functions and activities.


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MPPDA - MEMBERS. 1924. Summary of Business discussed at MPPDA Members' Meeting, 06-16-1924, Contained in Memo from Hays to Platten, 09-16-1924: "Discussion at length was had covering the activities of the Association in connection with fire prevention; protective activities; prevention of film theft; speakers' bureau; contribution by Association in lieu of contributions by individual members for charities, etc.; copyright legislation; special accounts; repeal of admission tax; relationships with newspapers; Washington office; non-theatrical production, distribution and exhibition; association activities in foreign countries and Canada; film boards of trade, financing and operation; arbitration boards; standard clause of contract and suggested changes therein; relations with exhibitors' organizations; trade press; organization and activities of the California Motion Picture Producers Association; activities of Committee on Public Relations; organization and management of Association's office; contracts of employment between the Association and the officers; public information; correspondence; budgets; financial policy; necessity of preventing prevalent type of books and plays from becoming prevalent type of pictures; necessity of preventing salacious, misleading and dishonest advertising; group buying."

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