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Meetings - Publicity

Reports of Meetings of Publicity Managers, August-December 1924. Includes discussion of withdrawing financial support from the National Board of Review, and of censorship standards and forthcoming threats of censorship legislation.


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November 11 "There was general discussion as to the advisability of taking steps gradually toward the withdrawal of financial support from the National Board of Review. It was generally agreed that whatever value this might have had at the beginning has greatly dwindled and that possibly the organization is of very little or no value now. Mr. Barrows of Bray and Mr. Beatty of Universal formed a dissenting minority."November 25: "Mr. Smith estimated that $15,000 is now spent by our members upon the work of the National Board of Review. He thought it better to allow the suggestion made in a previous meeting (that members cease business with that Board) be left for future consideration, especially until censorship legislation had been taken care of." 12-09-1924: Mr. Smith said it was the purpose of the Association - although confidential - to prepare and show all cuts made by the New York Censorship Board to the women and legislators, and beat the censorship board to that trick this year. Each member publicity man - excepting those from Vitagraph, Warner, Schenck, Bray, Fox, Griffith and Kenma, which were not present - was asked to prepare the cuts and attach a memorandum to each cut giving a brief explanation of the story and send them to the Hays office for checking their receipt from each company. Mr. Smith to advise the absent members. "It was decided that Wm. C. DeMille, who is to be notified by McCarthy of Famous Players, shall arrange these censorship cuts so as to show them fairly but to the best advantage in our contentions against state censorship."December 23 "The meeting today consisted principally of the showing of cuts made by the censorship board in pictures from Metro, Universal and Producers. "The cuts were shown just as they were made by the censorship without any continuity or explanation." After the projection of the pictures a short discussion was held concerning the pictures. The consensus of opinion was that the cuts shown were decidedly unfavorable to our Association and very much in favor of censorship. Some of the expressions are as follows: "Very bad stuff." "Best argument for censorship." "Most cuts seem to be justified." "Joe O'Neill made an estimated percentage as follows: 60% titles 20% leg and lingerie 10% kisses 10% gun or knife plays. "The one cut that seemed most revolting was the throwing of a boy violently against a bed." It was brought out at the meeting that about three fourths of the editing was done on the Coast, and when the films leave there they are supposed to be in finished form." It appears that bringing these films together and showing the cuts from various films from the various companies, to all the different publicity men, was a revelation and the very best of profit to ourselves seems to have resulted. It was agreed finally that the cuts made in pictures from all the members of our Association would be assembled and have the name of the picture, the name of the Company and the name of the director to appear on the cuts in order to identify them, and to have these cuts all shown at the regular meeting Tuesday, January 6th, and to have all the principals possible on hand with the publicity men to see all these cuts, after which the advisability of sending these cuts to Los Angeles for a private showing there would be considered."

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