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Listing the type of pictures, either already made or in production, that are causing the industry problems in relation to censorship and public outcry. Listed in categories: from source material too problematic to film, from source material with difficulties, films with subject matter very close to incest, films attempting to introduce homosexuality, films with vulgar scenes or dialogue (current trend - bathroom or toilet sequences). Long list of examples.


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It is my purpose in this memorandum to indicate more definitely the type of pictures, either already produced, in production, or proposed to be produced, which I had in mind. These seem to fall into five classifications: 1. Pictures proposed from material which in the original is so dangerous throughout, either by reason of theme or treatment of the theme, that it would seem to present grave worries as to the possibility of working out any satisfactory picture treatment; ... 2. Pictures proposed from material which present certain basic difficulties but which difficulties are not so worrisome as the above, i.e., the material contains incidents and sequences which there is reason to believe it is possible to modify in the treatment, ... 3. Several pictures have recently been proposed which are built around situations which so closely verge on incest as to make them very dangerous:... 4. Attempts have been made to introduce homosexuality into pictures and constant vigilance is necessary to see that this does not happen. ... 5. Finally present always with us, it seems, is the tendency to include sequences or dialogue which all right-thinking folk resent because of its vulgarity. These instances are not smart or clever but are the sort of thing that brings righteous resentment form the father who has taken his wife and children to the movies. At the moment the vogue seems to be for the inclusion of bathroom and toilet scenes ...

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