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Letter and reply
Carl E. Milliken
James Wingate, Director, Studio Relations, Association of Motion Picture Producers
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Production Code
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Milliken asks Wingate for a copy of the Production Code in its present form as there have been reported amendments made by those on the coast, in order to have more printed. Wingate knows of only one, an amendment to the clause on profanity. Apparently, this amendment was brought about by the film Arrowsmith. Wingate notes the approval of the board in New York is necessary with regards to amendments. This amendment had not been ratified by the MPPDA Board, although it was brought to their attention.


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January 3, 1933. Wingate to Milliken "Replying to yours of December 28th in relation to Code modifications, I advise you that the records in this office indicate as follows: At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Association of Motion Picture Producers, Inc., held on December 2, 1931, at which meeting Mr. Hays was present, the following motion was made and unanimously carried.: "A motion was made by Mr. Schenck and seconded by Mr. Warner that Article V of the Code be amended to read as follows:V. Profanity: Pointed profanity, which includes any references to the deity other than in reverence, and obscene language, which includes such expressions as 'S.O.B.', 'Gawd', and other vulgar expressions used for unnecessary emphasis or for comedy purposes, are forbidden. Only where they are required for development of plot or where their use is essential for realistic presentation of a subject, are the less offensive expletives permitted." The correspondence indicates that this resolution was adopted about the time the picture, "Arrowsmith" was under consideration, in the dialogue of which occurred two of three words which might have been considered profanity. It is my understanding, however, that in order to amend the Code the action taken by the Association here on the coast must be ratified by your Board in New York. While I have no definite information that it has ever been ratified, the correspondence indicated that it was brought to the attention of the Board and no action was taken. I have talked with Mr. Beetson and perused the records and correspondence relative to the Code, and I am unable to find that any other amendments have been adopted by this Association.

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