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Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
MPPDA (Committee on Public Relations, Committee of Twenty)
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MPPDA - Civic Committee

'Excerpts from Typical Letters': public reaction in support of cleaning up the movies. Names and home towns of the authors are cited. Contains comments on pictures previewed, including educational films and other favorable comments on Declaration of Purpose, mainly from clerics, to whom it was circulated. Better Films


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Rev Albert E. Legg, Fulton, NY: "I did have something of a hand in getting the State Censorship bill passed but realize, of course, that provision was only temporary for a genuine movement for reform must be started from the inside." Mr. Eugene Lankford, Cisco, Texas: "I asked a showman recently why he did not produce a higher class show. He said: 'I study the public, and put on what they patronize best. A man told me recently that he would rather have a license for the exclusive sale of beer and wine in this city than an oil well. From purely a financial point of view, both men might have been right. But should we endorse the position of either?" Dr. Charles E. Bloodgood, Spotswood, NJ: "I thoroughly appreciated the historical teaching of this picture [Orphans of the Storm] and also its present day message. The one subtitle suggesting that our government is a making for happiness and that to destroy it in hopes of creating a better one is filled with the danger of anarchy, bears a message of sound wisdom and true patriotism and must surely have its effect. Let's have more of such teaching.

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