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EDITORIAL COMMENT: Document is undated.

A collection of "organisation data" for the proposed Pro Organisation (or Mentors). Not dated or signed. This would be an organisation dedicated to the creation of positive propaganda for the motion picture industry. This data stresses the importance of this organisation being perceived to be completely separate from MPPDA yet only for the sake of appearances. By all accounts, it is the MPPDA who are organising and, perhaps, intending to operate this outfit. Includes a draft of By-laws, closely based on the MPPDA's.


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Organisation data includes: Suggested names for the president who must be trusted by the entire nation (and preferably other nations, a "born leader", and "above all things must be an individual who thoroughly believes in the principles of the Hays Organisation and is willing to collaborate, coordinate and cooperate with the MPPDA". The need to be "entirely (apparently) dissociated from the MPPDA.That the idea for the organisation should not originate and emanate from NY or LA (where it has originated) but from Washington (perhaps from Hoover?) and to be picked up and continued with in Chicago (apparently chosen for good reasons).The "official organ" of the association (which shall be edited by Trotti) will be a VERY important factor. "The MPPDA must have absolute control of this publication but such fact should not be known to the Mentors [members?] or the public.

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