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Advertising - Resolutions

A record of the circulation of the AMPP resolutions concerning advertising principles. Several different form letters are indicated, depending on the status of the target institution.


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ADVERTISING - RESOLUTIONS. 1924. California Resolution Letter Sent to: 09-15-1924 "A" letter with resolution sent to 1956 daily papers 09-15-1924 "B" letter with resolution to 40 Agricultural Magazines 21 Labor Magazines 48 Movie Publications (omitting 1st eight names in first column) 180 Religious Magazines 13 Educational Publications 70 Miscellaneous Magazines 09-13-1924 "C" letter with resolution to 66 Syndicates Sept. 1924 Specially typed letter "D" to175 Motion Picture Editors (handled in office) "E" 7 to Hollywood and Los Angeles editors and publishers (these letters omit reference to L.A. Times ed.) "F" 7 to Los Angeles Syndicates & News Writers (these letters omit reference to L.A. times ed.) 120 resolutions sent by President of A.M.P.A. to each member. 500 to Film Boards of Trade by C.C.P.100 Wampas (mailed by us - no letter accompanying 360 Exhibitors' publicity men (see list - "Publicity Men Employed by Theatres") 21 to certain large publishers of chain papers with specially written letter. (See sample letter attached to Mr. Wm. R. Hearst) (Special letter, signed by K.L.R. [Russell], to Trade Papers as checked on his personal list) [SAMPLE FORM LETTER - FORM B] September 15, 1924. My dear Mr. ---------- I know from editorials and articles that have appeared in the ---------- from time to time of the position your magazine has taken for clean motion pictures. (Continue the rest of paragraph in Form A) Closing paragraph to read I want you to know of our earnest desire at all times to receive from you advice and criticism, and should our action merit it, your encouragement. With kindest personal regards, I am Sincerely yours,

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