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MPPDA (Committee on Public Relations, Committee of Twenty)
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MPPDA - Civic Committee

Includes agreement on previewing procedures and on action to be followed following preview; rationalization of the multiplicity of Committees; comments concerning distribution of non-theatrical films (see 01-0045 -- 01-0049). Reorganization of committees renames Committee of 20 as Executive Committee, larger committee to be called Committee on Public Relations.


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CIVIC COMMITTEE. 1922 MINUTES OF THE OCTOBER 18TH MEETING OF THE COMMITTEE OF TWENTY[EXCERPTS]. [The Committee arrived at] an understanding that [following previewing] the reviews of productions meeting standards approved by each of the interested organizations be made available from national to state headquarters and finally to local units of the organization concerned; in cases of pictures not so approved, no reviews to be distributed.It was the opinion of the directors present that it would be more desirable for the present to utilize the projection rooms of the several companies rather than a single central room. Mr Hays suggested that experience might indicate the wisdom of using a single projection room, but that for the time being the advantages to be gained from visiting the various studios and in getting acquainted with the several producers and their problems would, undoubtedly, compensate for the additional inconvenience of travelling from studio to studio. After the pictures have been seen each organization represented will put in writing and forward to the Executive Secretary such comments as it believes will be of assistance to the producers in making changes in the picture previewed or as indicating things to be avoided or emphasized in future production; and, when, in its judgment a picture is seen which deserves support because it is generally worthwhile, and particularly because it carries a message which its members should receive, will use its facilities in informing its constituency of this fact and urge its members to cooperate with the local exhibitors in showing the picture to as many people as possible, to the end that productions of this type may be encouraged.

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