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J. Homer Platten, Treasurer, MPPDA
Maurice McKenzie, Executive Assistant
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Concerns the need to discourage offensive advertising, titles and themes, after complaint received from L.A. Better Business Bureau. List of offending films and their producers is attached.


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ADVERTISING. 1924. Memo, Platten to McKenzie concerning need to limit offensive titles, advertising and themes: response to complaint from L.A. Better Business Bureau. December 31, 1924. Memorandum to Mr. McKenzie: I am returning herewith the letter dated December 22nd addressed to Mr. Hays by the Los Angeles Better Business Bureau relatives to titles and advertising: The films listed by Mr. Miller are identified on the attached statement which I have had prepared. Five out of the nineteen were produced by non-members, the balance we must assume responsibility for. Your attention is invited to the release dates as indicated on the statement, indicating that most of them were released subsequent to the adoption of our resolutions. Now as to what we can do, I want to offer the following suggestion as of possible assistance to Mr. Hays in emphasizing to our members the necessity for avoiding the use of such titles and themes and of the equally important necessity of not distributing or exhibiting pictures bearing titles or containing themes of improper nature: first, that he send over his signature a copy of this letter to each member, and, second that he reply to Mr. Miller thanking him for calling the titles to his attention and simply indicating that the suggestion is receiving our best attention. After you have given some thought to the above suggestion, I would like to talk this over with you a bit. J. Homer Platten. PICTURE DISTRIBUTOR RELEASED The Tenth Woman Warner Bros. November, 1924. Gambling Wives Arrow Film Corp. February, 1924. Lily of the Dust Famous Players August, 1924. The Heaven of Two Beds unknown Another Scandal Producers Dist. Corp. July, 1924. Youth for Sale C.C. Burr, Inc. September, 1924. The Wine of Youth Metro-Goldwyn August, 1924. In Every Woman's Life First National October, 1924. Sinners in Silk Metro-Goldwyn September, 1924. Unguarded Women Famous Players June, 1924. Neglected Women F.B.O. June, 1924. Behold the Woman Vitagraph July, 1924. Wandering Husbands Producers Dist. Corp. April, 1924. Tiger Love Famous Players June, 1924. Three Foolish Weeks Path October, 1924. Three Women Warner Bros. October, 1924. The Girl in the Limousine First National July, 1924. Married Flirts Metro-Goldwyn November, 1924. Husbands and Lovers First National December, 1924.

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