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MPPDA - Reaffirmation
Additional text in Transcription. EDITORIAL COMMENT: This is vital. This text is part of a longer document by Hays summarising his actions.

Reaffirmation of Advertising Code and Production Code and Formula.


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REAFFIRMATION OF THE OBJECTIVES OF THE MOTION PICTURE PRODUCERS AND DISTRIBUTORS OF AMERICA, INCORPORATED, MARCH 27,1933. WHEREAS, Conditions during these times have shaken the strongest economic foundations and in the era just ahead American industry is confronted with its greatest task; and WHEREAS, In this situation we recognize that a special responsibility rests upon the motion picture industry to the end that there shall be a continuous supply of motion picture entertainment, so essential in these times of confusion and distress; and WHEREAS, The tendency toward confused thinking and slackening of standards everywhere commands re-emphasis of the importance of the progressively effective process of self-discipline by which the moral and artistic standards of motion picture production have been steadily raised during the past eleven years; and ... WHEREAS, It is inevitable that during a period such as we now face, disintegrating influences should threaten the standards of production, standards of quality and standards of business practice built up and maintained by the efforts expressed in the foregoing resolutions; and WHEREAS, We realize that only through organization can business meet the challenge of evolving new social concepts, new policies and new methods required for the stability of the American business structure; and WHEREAS, We recognize that only through sincere appreciation of the best interests of the public and strict and constant adherence to the standards proposed and established in the foregoing resolutions and agreements can we hope to continue to maintain and to raise the moral, artistic and educational values of motion picture production, while at the same time preserving the American principle of individual initiative, creation and achievement; and We realize the fact that whether American industry will be rebuilt after the depression on a higher or lower plane depends entirely upon the maintenance or destruction of the higher business standards and practices; Now, therefore, In this time of special emergency, we acknowledge anew our responsibility to the public for strict maintenance of the standards and purposes expressed in all of the foregoing resolutions. We re-affirm our determination to carry out the purposes above set forth and repledge the best efforts of the members of this Association to that end, and we do now specifically agree jointly and severally to abide by and conform to the formula of the Association for the registration of titles of each of the motion pictures we produce or distribute, and with the formula and resolutions of both of said Associations for avoiding the production and advertising of each of said motion pictures, we will abide by and strictly conform to the standards and requirements of the Production and Advertising Codes respectively of the said Associations and the Resolutions for Uniform Interpretation of the same; all of said formulae and codes as adopted, interpreted and applied by the several resolutions of the said Associations or either of such Associations in such regard.

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