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Albert H.T. Banzhaf, D.W. Griffith Inc.
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Uniform Contract

This item, part of the Uniform Contract documentation, calls for the creation of a Code of Ethics in the movie business, particularly in dealings between producers and exhibitors. A three-point Code is attached in Transcription MPPDA 132 dated 04-30-1923: Proposal for a Code of Business Ethics. More in record MPPDA 131, which claims it was already adopted by 02-15-1923.


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UNIFORM CONTRACT. 1923. PROPOSITION FOR A BUSINESS CODE OF ETHICS. April 30, 1923. Mr. Albert H.T. Banzhaf, D.W. Griffith, 130 West 42nd St., New York City. Dear Mr. Banzhaf: Referring again to the discussions which we have had at different times in connection with the development of a Code of Ethics. I have been interested in noting that at the annual meeting of the American Society of Newspaper Editors at Washington last Friday and Saturday they adopted for the Press of the country a Code of Ethics. It seems that while the Press for six hundred years has been formulating its standards of taste and conduct, it has never actually put into words a formal Code of Ethics. The American Bar Association, as you know, did this a few years ago. I shall have available for you copies of both documents. In this connection we want to press to a conclusion our own efforts in this regard and get into words our own code also, to which we have been giving a great deal of thought. I want suggestions relative to this at the next meeting of the Law Committee. We should earnestly follow it to a conclusion. The conclusion of this would be a real step in the formation in the industry of a public conscience and a step which squares, indeed, with similar steps taken by the other two methods of expression. With very ***********[blank]********** , Sincerely yours, [no signature - Hays?]. 01-1067 Code of Ethics 1. While a salesman has every right to trade among respective customers to obtain the best offer possible for his product, after he has selected a particular whose offer he believes to be the best, and takes a written application from such Exhibitor he should forward the same to the home office and make no further effort to sell the same service to any other Exhibitor until the application so forwarded has been formally rejected or accepted. 2. No paid advertising should be inserted in any feature picture, comedy, scenic or news reel. 3. In the event of the adoption of standard clauses for a uniform contract, contracts already taken for 1922 23 product should be carried out in the spirit of the new form of agreement.

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