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Censor - general

Dreiser on censorship: Theatre Guild Magazine May 1929: This is a fairly intemperate and imprecise attack on censorship in general, and on reform groups.On 04 February 1929 The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania decided that speech in motion pictures can be censored by the censor board. Dreiser also refers to the National Censorship Bill vetoed by Coolidge in 1926, which "would have the entire Federal Censorship in the hands of six commissioners with life tenure!"


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"The women members of these organizations are usually women suffering from a tremendous Weltschmerz coupled with the desire to boss someone. They include the vague class known as 'mothers,' as if motherhood were a function that of itself guaranteed brains, constructive intelligence, even statecraft. Also there are 'Daughters' of the Revolution who have long forgotten the cause for which their ancestors fought." - for whatever reason, all this is fairly strongly anti-feminist. Dreiser also presumes that a clause in the Hudson Bill holding up any race nation sect or religion to scorn would mean "No Negro, Irish, French or Italian jokes" and disapproves.

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