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Dr Arthur H. DeBra
Carl E. Milliken
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Sex hygiene films
EDITORIAL COMMENT: The problem brought up by these films is that Hays is accused of not having cleaned up the industry, and while they can legitimately deny responsibility for their production, they are on occasion being shown in majors' theatres - clearly this goes against the general direction of MPPDA publicity, to locate the problem as being in Hollywood and to do with production, rather than in the community and having anything to do with exhibition.

Sex hygiene films - DeBra to Milliken 8 October 1929 - together with a collection of newspaper clippings, adverts, editorials, etc. DeBra has been studying Pennsylvania newspapers and has identified several public relations hazards: adverse comments on The Cock Eyed World; New Jersey theatre ads for Damaged Souls (banned in Pa); and, especially, various ads for sex-hygiene pictures. advertising.


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DeBra: "I imagine that Married Love is one of the old sex hygiene films out under a new title. The picture is making money and is being sponsored by the American Legion. It is going over good enough to enable the Legion to succeed in getting news items into the Scranton newspapers about it. ... The pathetic thing about The Cock-Eyed World is that most of our folk are going to get the notion that the picture has been such a success wholly because it included a lot of smut. I am satisfied, from all the comments I have been able to collect, that the smut has had very little to do with the picture's success. For instance, in Boston, where the 32 cuts made in the picture practically eliminated the dirty wisecracks, the people are still finding the picture enjoyable, as did Mr. Russell."

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