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There is concern about Joe Schenck's plans to adapt a Broadway play, A Woman Disputed. Reports are made of the play, of which Beatty's is the most severe: "It would offend the Germans, the Catholic Church, and all the women's clubs. I don't think there is any way to patch it up..." Hays' main concern the German Consulate. Schenck solves the problem: "The girl will be an Austrian girl, the hero an Austrian and the villain a Russian." The amount of correspondence and negotiation on German issue is illuminating.


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A note on the case of A Woman Disputed, which is an anti-German play made by Joseph Schenck into a movie with no mention of Germans, so that all there is left to object to is the title, which has no value, which Schenck says he wasn't going to use -- at which point Hays, in a tired memo, and in the middle of difficult contingent negotiations, observes, "It simply is another case of where a member would like to go back on his word, and I have no objection to his doing so if the German authorities do not object to the title."Also in this, in a review of the original play, is a note by Beatty,10-02-1926, about Robert Kane: "I don't think Kane is in tune with things and I believe it would be well worth while if you could have him come in and talk to you. Please don't bring me into it because I don't like Kane and he doesn't like me."

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