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Sidney S. Cohen, President, MPTOA
Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
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Uniform Contract

Cohen argues that since the MPPDA and MPTOA have reached an impasse over the Uniform Contract, they should turn to representatives of the public to act as mediators. Letters by Hays suggest that he took the suggestion seriously, although there is no evidence that he acted upon it.


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UNIFORM CONTRACT. 1922 LETTER FROM COHEN TO HAYS, 08-16-1922, CALLING FOR INVOLVEMENT OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE PUBLIC IN UNIFORM CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS:[EXTRACTS] "On July 14th the occasion of our last conference with you with respect to the proposed equitable contract, Mr. Kirchwey stated the various points of apparent irreconcilable conflict between our respective organizations. ... I have submitted to the members of our Board of Directors, copies of Mr. Kirchwey's letter and our draft of June 23rd, so that they might have before them both sides of these various debatable provisions.From the replies received I am requested to present to you a suggestion which may bring about a solution of the problem. At the beginning of our conference on this subject, I stated that there were necessarily three parties to our negotiations - to wit, the Producers, the Theatre Owners and the Public. The producers and the theatre owners having stated their respective positions and having found themselves at an impasse, it is now apparently necessary to request a statement of the public's position which ought to be controlling.Accordingly we suggest that various questions concerning which we cannot arrive at an agreement be left for consideration and determination to a committee of seven men of public position, three of whom to be nominated by us, three by the producers and the six thus nominated to select the seventh who shall act as chairman with full power to vote.If this suggestion is acceptable to you, we hope to nominate as our three members, a public official, an educator of prominence and a business man of large interests but having no contact with our industry.A committee thus constituted will be able to view our problems from a new and fresh angle free from the fears and suspicion that have been repeatedly expressed during our negotiations and possibly arrive at a result so simple in solution that we may be surprised that we were unable without their assistance to discover the road to the goal we have been striving for -- an equitable contract with adequate machinery to insure a fair, proper and effective enforcement of its provisions."[The major points of contention are outlined.]"It may be that these differences can be reconciled and definite agreements effected without having recourse to outside mediation. But if we cannot reach an agreement then the interests of the Industry and the Public demand that equitable trade relations be established through the other source."

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