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J. J. Hess, RKO
Frank Wilstach, Assistant to Will H. Hays, MPPDA
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Advertising - bad

Correspondence over advertising for On Your Back between Wilstach and RKO theatres. The advertisement in question shows a woman on her back with a man above her. This is concerned not only with salacious advertising but with misleading advertising as the film's title refers to the clothes on one's back, not with a woman on her back.


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10 September 1930 A reply by J.J. Hess of a Chicago theatre to Wilstach's criticism: "This advertisement was made up by one of the boys while I was in Detroit, and upon examination I can find no reason for criticizing the tenor of the illustration or copy. On Your Back is obviously a suggestive title for a picture. The responsibility for the selection of such a title cannot be placed at our door. It is true it is a fashion picture, but to feature fashions at a season when they are not of interest to women patrons would be poor business, and I certainly think that we should not have to go to the extent of explaining that the title of a picture is not what it is supposed to be, but something entirely different."

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