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Lamar Trotti, Assistant to Colonel Jason S. Joy
Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
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MPPDA - Production Code

Concerns the activity of the Production Code machinery in the East, especially contact with the NY Censor Board.Only Animal Crackers had received any eliminations, and they were petty. He had also worked with Hughes on getting Hells Angels in accord with the changes suggested by Joy


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2 memos, from Trotti to Hays, 31 October 1930 and 27 October 1930: "You are in a way familiar with the activities in regard to Hell's Angels but for your convenience I list the following: "I saw the picture on opening night. "I called on Mr. Hughes and Mr. Pearson with Mr. McKenzie relative to the changes suggested by Colonel Joy. "I had numerous conferences with Mr. Pearson, seeing the picture a half dozen times perhaps, until it was finally worked out by you satisfactorily."Trotti to Hays, 27 October 1930: Since the Code's implementation, he has worked on 16 features and 167 shorts. "All of the feature pictures made in the East which have already been released have been endorsed by the previewing groups. Only one feature picture has received censorship eliminations. That was Animal Crackers with the four Marx brothers and the eliminations are of a petty type and due entirely to the kind of humor used by the Marx brothers. It is not offensive."

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