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Church and Drama League

The history of the MPPDA's association with the Church and Drama League, and George Reid Andrews. Protestant attitude contrasted with Catholic co-operation. The industry's public relations work reviewed.


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Unsigned memo -- possibly Joy -- on George Reid Andrews, 31 March 1930. Notes that unlike the other ministers involved in King of Kings, Andrews was paid a salary by DeMille. In Hollywood, "he was moved constantly by his selfish interests ... constantly he made the effort to get money. ... He was engaged in a racket obviously at that time." -- the MPPDA issued a press release on the same day, saying Andrews had been paid $125 per week. while working on King of Kings, and making public the demand for 10% of the gross receipts of the film in exchange for the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America (FCCCA) endorsing the film. "From the day when he was finally made to realize that the industry was not going to accede to his demands for contributions, this man has stated to various people at various times that he was going to 'get' the Association if he possibly could and that he was going to make it impossible for the industry to continue cooperation with any Protestant groups. Behind this may lie the sources of other unwarranted attacks on the hundreds who have unselfishly cooperated in the Association's consistently constructive work."

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