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Letter, memo
Martin Quigley, President of Quigley Publishing Co., Inc, Exhibitors' Herald and Motion Picture World
Mr Charles C. Pettijohn, General Counsel, MPPDA
Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
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Censor - Chicago

The difficulty of getting censorship repealed in Chicago in the face of bad and salacious advertising


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This contains a couple of important letters or memos on the Chicago situation, which throw light on quite what was going on there. Letter, Quigley to Hays, April 17, 1930 -- basically complaining about advertising for Party Girl: "... referring to the general situation in Chicago, I want to point out that, right at this time, when we had hoped for a favorable condition to permit of action on our plans, we find, instead, a decidedly unfavorable condition brought about by the incidents above noted. The proponents of censorship are now very alert and active as a result of having been brought into action in the effort to stop the showing of Party Girl. ... Party Girl was booked into the Granada Theatre last week. ... It happens that the Grenada theatre is located in the immediate vicinity of St. Ignatius Catholic Church. The pastor of this church is Father F.G. Dinneen, S.J. [sic -- correct spelling is Dineen. Pettijohn spells it Deneen.] Father Dinneen, as you know, has been and continues one of the staunchest proponents of censorship. When he found Party Girl being shown in his neighborhood, he went into action and contributed importantly in exerting the pressure which resulted in the injunction being dissolved. He has circulated in his parish a pledge against further attendance at the Grenada theatre, which has already been signed by more than 500 men."In view of these circumstances and the tense situation which has been created, we have been counseled against proceeding further at this time with our effort in connection with the censorship ordinance. It is unfortunate, in view of the work which has been done up to this time, that a further delay should be encountered, but it is my opinion that it would be highly inadvisable to attempt further action here at this time for the reasons noted."

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