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Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
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Classification of various properties under the Authors' League agreement


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31 October 1930 memo on the Formula: discusses an arrangement by which companies bidding for a play that may have "possibilities of proper picturization" which the book it is based on did not -- e.g. Bad Girl -- "it is thought fair to the author and to the members that lots be cast as to which companies shall have the first right to negotiate" -- Caddo were interested in it, and they should count as UA for such purposes. There is also a memo as to how the Code will affect the operation of the Author's League agreement: "The purpose of the Resolution of June 19, 1924 shall not be altered -- i.e we shall avoid the picturization, distribution, and/or exhibition of books or plays so salacious in essence that they should not be made at all ... The Authors League Agreement shall not be modified -- i.e it will still be proper to produce, distribute, and-or exhibit, under the provisions of that Agreement, a picture built around a dramatic situation taken from a book or play that should not be picturized ... The method of determining that judgment of the Association as to such questionable books or plays shall be similar in general to that method provided for consideration of pictures produced under the Code as set out in the Resolution for Uniform Interpretation, adopted by the AMPP (Cal) on February 17, 1930, and similar to that used in the execution of such Resolution in connection with Eastern production as set out in the Resolution of the MPPDA, adopted on March 31, 1930; -- that is: "When the question as to any book or play being objectionable is raised by any member company whatever, or by the officers of the Association, it shall be a matter of discussion between the President of the Association and any member company so interested, directly or indirectly, in the subject matter, and a consideration shall immediately be given to such question either by a committee of the Board of Directors of the MPPDA, to be appointed by the President, or by the entire Board of Directors of the MPPDA at the option of the member interested; it being the purpose to have such matters considered by a revolving committee from which revolving committee any interested member company may appeal to the entire Board of Directors, or, at the option of the interested member, it may be considered in the first instance by the entire Board of Directors of the MPPDA." Also includes a currently list of titles covered, in one way or another, by the Formula.

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