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Sidney R. Kent, at Fox in 1933, Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation
Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
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Uniform Contract

Kent's personal evaluations of members of MPTOA involved in Uniform Contract negotiations.


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UNIFORM CONTRACT. 1922. KENT (FAMOUS PLAYERS-LASKY) TO HAYS, 05-27-1922: APPRAISALS OF MPTOA MEMBERS INVOLVED IN UNIFORM CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS. May 27, 1922. Mr. Will Hays, 522 - 5th Ave., New York City. Dear Mr. Hays: You will find next attached and I believe in proper form an outline of the information regarding the parties you desire to be posted on. Yours very truly, [S.R. Kent]..........W.A. Steffes - Minneapolis, Minn.Owner of two small houses. One of the greatest bolsheviks in the Motion Picture Industry - particularly opposed to those in power. He is really subsidized by Ruben and Finkelstein and is on their payroll - has aspirations for presidency - was the one who put thru the resolution concerning the questionnaire addressed to Will Hays as to where you stand in the Motion Picture Industry.A.R. Pramer - Omaha, Nebr.Owner of a small neighbourhood theatre. No particular weight - easily led. Really member of committee because he can be easily used. W.D. Burford - Aurora, Ill.Owns several important houses thruout the State of Illinois. One of the unfairest exhibitors in my opinion in the United States. A politician - plays the game for the sake of turmoil - one that will bear watching.Claude Cady - Lansing, Mich.One of the fairest minded exhibitors. Tries to be fair to everyone but sold 100% on Sidney Cohen. Really is sincere in his desire to build up the exhibitor organization along broad lines but thinks Cohen can do it.W.A. True - Hartford, Conn.One of the ablest men on the committee but in my opinion not to be trusted. Owns one rather important theatre in Hartford. Is the right hand man of Sidney Cohen - has never tried to do anything constructive - his continual war cry "down with the producer."H.B. Varner - Lexington, N.C.Small exhibitor at that point. I believe if under proper influence would be very fine fellow. Sold on Cohen however and up to the present time has been easily led.E.M. Fay - Providence, R.I.Owner of small house in that town. No considerable importance as exhibitor and outside of Steffes the worst bolshevik in the organization. Typical socialist in everything he does and says - stands for nothing constructive in any way shape or form.G.G. Schmidt - Indianapolis, Ind.Small exhibitor in Indianapolis - inclined to be fair - do not believe he has any axe to grind. I.W. McMahon - Cincinnati, Ohio.Small exhibitor at that point - do not know him very well. However, he has never been overly enthusiastic about the bolshevik tendency of some of the other members - has taken a less important part in the deliberation. A.J. Brylawsky - Washington, D.C.A man who I believe wants to be fair minded - owns two or three average houses in the Washington, D.C. district. Has aspirations to something higher up in the exhibitor organization but I believe is sincerely anxious to work with Mr. Hays and the producer organization provided Sidney Cohen can be swung in line.Sidney Cohen, New York, N.Y. I believe you are already posted on.Woodhull, New Jersey, N.J. He is the only one I have never met and do not know Commerford - Penna.He is the most important theatre owner on the entire list controlling 25 or 30 fair sized houses in southern Penna - quite strong politically in his part of the State and is the employer of O'Toole who does the political handling of meetings for Cohen. O'Toole ran things for Cohen at the convention. Commerford is a man who I believe wants a constructive program. I believe he can be appealed to - he is closely allied to the Stanley Co. of Philadelphia - he is really in the Organization in Penna because he loves politics. The above observations are given regarding these gentlemen after an experience of three or four years with them during which time I frequently came in contact with them, except as I explained, Mr. Woodhull. I also went thru three of four conventions with them. I believe in your negotiations with them they will measure up pretty much the way I have indicated.

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