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EDITORIAL COMMENT: This is the Gone with the Wind amendment to the Production Code, which was explicitly not made in order to preserve the final line of Gone with the Wind, but is just part of a sequence of events stemming from the WB historical short, The Man Without a Country. This is deniability in action, in the insistence that Selznick was not given special treatment.

Amendment to Code section on profanity and vulgarity. Includes extended list of prohibited words, as distinct from words and phrases "invariably deleted by political censor boards" and those offensive to domestic, and particularly to foreign audiences.


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1 November 1939 Resolution on profanity and vulgarity -- memo: "The appeal of David Selznick has been withdrawn and minute will contain no reference thereto. "It is important that all Board members avoid any statements seeming to indicate that the Code has been amended for a particular purpose or in connection with a particular picture. The fact is that a clarification of the Code section has resulted from discussions commencing with approval of Warner Bros. short The Man Without a Country and continuing to November 1, 1939 when clarifying amendment was adopted." Clarification was the use of "damn' or "hell", now modified as prohibited "(excepting when their use shall be essential and required for portrayal in proper historical context of any scene or dialogue based upon historical fact or folklore or for the presentation in proper literary context of a biblical or other religious quotation or a quotation from a literary work; provided, that no such use shall be permitted which is intrinsically objectionable or offends good taste.")

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