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Breen would like to find some way to ban Moambi-Ikomba (King of the Gorillas) because it is fraudulent, even though it does not violate the Code. Hess points out the possible legal complications involved in such a course, and suggests that the movie might have some entertainment value as fantasy. He suggests a warning title prior to the film -- thereby covering the MPPDA.


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9 April 1938 Breen to Harmon: "I note, with interest, that the appeal on the Harry Thomas picture has been rejected and that the decision of the Production Code Administration is upheld. I am glad to note, too, that you has succeeded in whipping the Columbia Spanish picture into shape. ... Curiously enough, within the past three or four weeks we have had, seemingly, an enormous amount of difficulty and unpleasantness. Our work has fallen off in point of numbers of scripts read, and pictures reviewed, but we seem to have had a run of bad stories, or bad pictures, which has kept us hopping about more than we would like. So far, however, so good. No harm done yet, and we are hopeful that little will come about in the near future."

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