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EDITORIAL COMMENT: This extensive and useful document gives an alluring glimpse into the material that apparently existed inside the PCA, cataloging and annotating its opinions. The bulk of this material has not as yet surfaced.

'Characterizations of newspaper editors, Reporters and Publishers in motion pictures." Summaries of PCA advice concerning newspapersmen; refinements in PCA policy in handling professions. Procedures of 1934-35 compared with those of 1937-38.


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Memo -- probably extracted from the Opinions of the Production Code Administration -- on characterization of newspaper editors, etc. "From July 1st 1934 to April 1st, 1936, the Production Code Administration rendered approximately 19,000 opinions regarding the suitability under the Production Code of scripts, script changes, songs, and completed films. These opinions have recently been annotated. Under the head of 'professions' the annotations carry the following general statement of policy: "'All of the professions should be presented fairly in motion pictures. There should be no dialogue indicating that all, or a majority of the members of any professional group, are unethical, immoral, given to criminal activities, and the like. Where a given member of any profession is to be a heavy or unsympathetic character, this should be off-set by showing upright members of the same profession condemning the unethical acts of conduct of the heavy or unsympathetic character. Where a member of any profession is guilty of criminal conduct, there should be proper legal punishment for such conduct -- such punishment to be shown or indicated clearly.' "... This statement of policy quoted above has gradually crystallized during this period of three years and nine months (March 30, 1938 -- July 1, 1934) as a comparison of the most recent opinions of the Production Code Administration with those of 1934 and 1935 indicates [?] "Another refinement in procedure which should prove increasingly valuable as time goes on is the requirement that an analysis of each approved picture be filed checking the different types of professions and businesses characterized therein. This analysis chart indicates, for example, whether an editor, reporter or published was included in the list of characters; if so, whether in a prominent or minor role, and whether the characterization was sympathetic, unsympathetic, or indifferent."Then lists and compares cases 1937-38 and 1934-35.