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Record of meeting
Lester E. Thompson, Assistant to Mr McCarthy, MPPDA (Advertising Advisory Council)
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Meeting of Advertising Advisory Council. The practice of revealing the mechanics of trick and illusory movie photography is condemned. Regulation of advertising films discussed. Re-issues of high-grade movies supported. Advertising tie-ups and "off-color sex magazines which trade on the industry" discussed


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Advertising Advisory Council meeting 21 March 1938. Hays notes plan for more reissues, and offers Milliken's cooperation to promote interest in reissues of better films. "Finally there was discussion of the run of off-color sex magazines which trade on the industry, such as Reel Humor, Real Screen Fun, Movie Maker, etc. These magazines, which carry no motion picture advertising, intersperse motion picture stills with nude or semi-nude figures. Hollywood claims these magazines are serviced with stills from New York. All present vehemently denied that they had ever given stills to any one of these publications but were quick to point out how easy it is for such publications to secure stills."

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