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Frederic L. Ullman Jr of Path inquires about possible treatment of activities aboard shipboard nightclubs. Amongst other advice, Harmon tells him that "the showing of prostitutes or houses of prostitution is strictly forbidden under the Code." Breen disagrees with this, however, and stresses that it is all a matter of treatment.


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Breen to Harmon on prostitution: "I am not so sure that 'we would be compelled to reject the subject matter entirely' if the film contained 'the showing of prostitutes.' We have permitted at various times in films, the showing, or indication, or characterization, of prostitutes. If we were to 'be compelled to reject' all suggestion, or characterization, of a prostitute, I am fearful that we would get into a lot of trouble. "As I have said to you many times, it depends upon the manner in which this particular characterization is treated. In all cases, of course, the provisions of the Code should apply: 'It should be definitely and affirmatively shown to be wrong; it should not be condoned; it should not be justified; it should not be made to appear right and acceptable.'"

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