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List of banned terms. Also problems posed by non-member companies attempting to distribute movies which have provisional Production Code seal numbers but no certificate of approval.


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Concerning operation of Code seal procedure. 7 July 1936 Milliken to Hays -- wants non-member companies who submit some of their pictures for approval to be required to submit all of them, while 23 June 1936 some circuit managers are complaining that some independents are presenting them with films with a Code number but no seal, and they find it difficult to check up on this. One source of this problem is "the large number of pictures produced and released prior to July of 1934 that are now being picked up for repeat runs and revivals in connection with the increased use of double feature programs throughout the country. Instead of just being used to fill in summer bookings, I am told by the circuit bookers that return engagements of older pictures are becoming increasingly popular with the public and will be used constantly to fill out double feature bookings."